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Working as a Catalyst in Great Ape Habitat Conservation

Last year, 3W supported two initiatives that we hoped would lead to greater engagement in Great Ape Conservation.  To increase donor cooperation and impact, we teamed up with the Arcus Foundation — one of the world’s most significant donor organizations for great ape conservation.  The first, the A.P.E.S. Portal, is an online tool that provides real-time, visual representation of information about great apes, their habitats, populations, threats and conservation efforts around the world.  The second investment was the development of a Conservation Action Plan (CAP) in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.  Despite being an extremely difficult area, this roadmap for conservation is critical to protecting ape populations in the face of conflict.  We are happy to report that the CAP has been a catalytic force in the region.  With such a roadmap in place, organizations on the ground, as well as donors, are able to focus scarce resources and increase effectiveness.  And, just as we had hoped, the CAP process enabled other funders to come into the region.  Arcus just announced their support of the CAP implementation with $1M.  We now hope that other funders will be able to start to put their money to work on the ground and help protect this critical region.